Small bug fix

March 16, 2010
By Mike

A few weeks ago Mariusz reported a little bug with the Watch List. Thanks Mariusz!

A description of the bug: -

Item URLs found by the Watch List that contained an ampersand (&) were not translating the HTML entity & correctly. i.e. The & was not being translated to a single &.

For example, was not being correctly translated to

This didn’t cause a major functional problem, apart from the fact that URLs were not being marked as read correctly. Firefox sees and as two different URLs. So visiting didn’t mark as read… If you understand what I mean :)

Anyway, I fixed the bug and emailed the fixed version to Mariusz for testing. Mariusz responded with feedback saying that the fix was working as expected… Good! I’ve heard nothing more from Mariusz, so I assume that no further problems were discovered, and that the fixed version should be made available to everyone.

I have ONLY fixed the bug in Wizz RSS for Firefox 3.6. I’m not going to maintain older versions of Wizz RSS for Firefox 3.5.

You can get the bug fixed version of Wizz RSS here or here.

If you have made a donation to get the “nag free” version, it has also been fixed, and you can download it from the nag free download page.

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